Interior Design School Project Brings Dose of Reality

Interior design students are rarely afforded an opportunity to work on a live interior design project. While many schools make way for projects that co-opt community resources, allowing students to get real-world experience, few are able to offer actual renovation projects to their students. When the opportunity does come up for an interior design school, it is great practice for students and can … [Read more...]

Interior Design School Symposia Offer Insight for Future Students

Future professionals who are still weighing their options about which type of school to which they should apply may benefit from looking up free seminars held by interior design schools in their area. Symposiums are usually free and open to the public. They also provide a great forum for would-be students to hear first-hand information from a school without all of the pressure of a one-on-one … [Read more...]

Interior Design School to Host Symposium on Design

A college’s interior design school will soon host a symposium about the past and future of interior design. The University of Kentucky will shed some light on the industry’s rich history and the future of design to students and other people interested in design. A professor in the School of Interior Design, Joseph A. Rey-Barreau, shares some information and thoughts that are interesting to all … [Read more...]

Interior Design Student Competition in NC

Interior design schools often encourage students to participate in interior design competitions. The competitions are high-pressure contests that can show students just what it’s like to try to get a rush job done on-time and within budget out in the real world of design. Competitions can also help pay for interior design school tuition, as the students at one college found out this month. … [Read more...]

CA Legislation Requires Interior Design School Education

A national interest group for interior designers and architects is calling on interior design schools and others in the industry to carefully review new legislation from the state of California. A new bill could result in stricter requirements for interior designers, both in their level of education at an interior design school and in their work experience in the industry.   From the … [Read more...]

Top Interior Design School Names New Head of Interior Design

An interior design school in Boston recently named an experienced designer, architect, and instructor as their new head of interior design. The Boston Architectural College appointed Crandon Gustafson, recently from the Harrington School of Design in Chicago, as the Head of the School of Interior Design. Gustafson’s professional associations and memberships include the International Interior … [Read more...]

Interior Design School Hosts Career Series

An interior design school in California recently announced a new series of seminars for professional interior designers and architects, as well as students who want to one day open their own interior design business. The Design Institute of San Diego is hosting “The Cycle of Success”, in progress, at the interior design school’s campus this month and through June of this year. The series has … [Read more...]

Interior Design School Hosts Design Business Lecture

An interior design school in Atlanta, GA hosted an industry expert for a lecture on the important aspects of interior design businesses. The lecture is based, in part, on highlights from The Business of Design, Balancing Creativity and Profitability by author and lecturer Keith Granet and took place at the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center. Students from the Savannah College of Art and Design … [Read more...]

Most Admired Interior Design School Instructors

An interior design association keen on furthering the education standards at interior design school recently announced that a prestigious industry publication awarded five of its members among the most admired educators in the design industry. The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) released the news that Design Intelligence had published its list of the 25 most admired educators … [Read more...]

No Boost for Interior Design Schools in OR

An Oregon Senate Bill that might have encouraged more aspiring interior designers to attend an accredited school in the state failed in the original committee meetings last month. Senate Bill 1521 would have provided more regulation in the state around the interior design industry, requiring more rigid licensing and education requirements. More opponents than supports showed up to the … [Read more...]