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Interior Design Foundation Opens Applications for Grants, Scholarships

The American Society of Interior Designers Foundation recently announced that the society’s 2012 season for scholarships and awards is now open.

The society is inviting professionals in the industry and interior design students to begin applications to win scholarships and awards that are valued in total at $23,000.

Students at interior design colleges do not have much time left and applications are due by March 12th of next year.

The six scholarships and awards vary in value and include financial assistance in addition to full scholarship awards.

Among those awards will be the Joel Polsky Prize is awarded to entries that fulfill the needs of the public, interior designers and students in educational research, behavior, and more. An academic achievement award of the same name will be awarded to an outstanding interior design student for his or her research project which deals in similar topics.

Scholarships through the society’s Legacy Scholarships program will award $4000 to an undergraduate and graduate interior design student.

All students in their last or next to last year of interior design school are eligible to win the two Legacy Scholarships, provided they are attending a school where they will eventually obtain a degree.

The 2012 season will also award other grants including the Irene Winifred Eno Grant worth $5000. In order to win this award, an interior design student or professional must be actively participating in the creation of an interior design project that is intended to provide a better standard of health, safety or welfare.

Another grant, the David Barrett Memorial Scholarship is valued at $12,000 and will recognized the employment of classic interior design methods and appeal in furniture, fabrics, and overall designs.

The details of each grant and scholarship application can be found at the society’s website.


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Florida Interior Design College Ranks 10th in the Nation

The interior design program at Florida State University was named 10th in the nation by Design Intelligence.

The 2012 “America’s Best Architecture and Design Schools” also ranked an FSU professor of interior design classes among the 25 Most Admired Educators, as well.

Design intelligence ranks public and private interior design colleges and programs based on feedback from interior design firms around the country who hire graduates from various schools and programs.

To analyze interior design class effectiveness, the publication interviews hundreds of hiring companies and professionals. Design intelligence asks about their opinion on which schools are best preparing interior design students for success in the industry based on the firms’ experience in the past five years.

Florida’s interior design college fell into the top 10 with other respected schools like Rhode Island School of Design, Pratt Institute, and Cornell University.

Professor Lisa Waxman, the FSU professor that won a spot in the list’s 25 Most Admired Educators, attributes the interior design program’s success to their desire to develop professional interior designers who are responsive to human needs.

Waxman also said that they seek to develop professionals “who hold the world’s natural resources in high regard, and who design functional as well as beautiful spaces that improve the quality of life.”

FSU’s interior design school provides complementary studies in sustainability and students often become leaders in environmentally friendly designs after graduation.

The school focuses on creating successful professional interior designers by showing attention to industry changes and the growing job of interior designers – to bring a sense of harmony to people who spend most of their time indoors.

Waxman said that the interior design college makes it known to students that interior design influences performance and well being. The students at Florida’s design college are regularly tasked with researching such information in order to evolve their designs with the current realities.

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Interior Design Classes at ASU Rank in Top 20 by Industry Firms

Interior design classes at ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts placed among the top 20 design program in the nation in the 12th annual American’s Best Architecture & Design Schools rankings by Design Intelligence.

The interior design school’s undergraduate program ranked 8th in the nation.

ASU’s architecture program came in at 17th, beating out other prestigious programs at Princeton and Texas A&M, and their industrial design program ranked ninth.

Three of the design college’s design programs were ranked in the top 20 for design and architectural course studies in the country.  Design Intelligence, an industry publication, produces the rankings of top tier interior design colleges and architecture schools in the country, as determined by the top firms in the nation.

The firms consider interior design classes and programs at the schools which are doing the best job to prepare students to excel in interior design.

Darren Petrucci, the director of the design college at ASU said that the criterion for making the list is significant to him, according to a university publication. “…four out of five of those firms are ranking our graduates in the top 10 or top 20 of the nation, ’’Petrucci told the paper.

America’s Best Architecture and Design serves as thorough insight into the most elite interior design schools around the country.  The firms base their opinions on real-world work, adding to the credibility of claims about the school’s architecture, industrial, and interior design classes. They complete an in-depth survey with ratings contingent upon the quality work completed by new employees that completed studies at any of the interior design schools.

There were 360 firms that participated in the evaluation and placed ASU’s interior design classes in the top 20 also named the school number one in industrial design on the basis of research and theory. The department also won fourth in the nation as rated by the leaders at other schools.

ASU is considered one of the best collaborative design schools in the country, producing students from interior design, architecture, and industrial design who are thoroughly cross-trained in disciplines that intersect with what they’ve learned in their own studies.

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Students at Interior Design School Take on Semester-Long Challenges

Interior design students at Kansas State College have had a busy semester with multiple big-hitting interior design projects that required the full attention of the students.

Several challenges were presented to seniors and underclassmen of the interior design program that offer a unique opportunity for students to work with real-life clients and learn the challenges of responding to the personal desires and opinions of the customer.

In October, seniors at the interior design school were afforded the unique opportunity to leave their mark on one of the university’s student halls to update an old design from a past student project.

“I told the students about it. They had two weeks to define the problem and come up with a design solution.” said assistant professor of interior design, Hyung-Chan Kim who is also the interior design class’ instructor.

Students at the interior design school met with the faculty to get a better idea of what they expected from the design and students soon got to work creating the concepts.

In all, six groups of seniors presented their ideas to faculty members, but they will have to wait until next semester for feedback. The interior design school faculty will have to discuss the ideas and the available budget for renovations.

The renovation project was one of many projects presented to students this year. Students in a separate studio at the school were surprised with a high-profile semester project on their first day of class.

Junior Emily Galliart told a staff writer at the Kansas Sate Collegian that she was surprised to see her professor in a Santa costume on the first day of class. “We didn’t know what was going on. We had no idea about the project, but then it became an incredibly great thing.” she remarked.

The surprise project was to create an interior design to decorate Kansas State President’s and First Lady’s home for the holidays and the winning team of students created a design that included Christmas past and present, filled with the family’s favorite holiday memories.

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New York Interior Design School to Offer Health Facility Program

An interior design school in New York recently announced its 4th graduate program in three years.

The New York School of Interior Design is set to launch a one year professional studies degree program on the interior design of healthcare facilities in the fall of 2012.

The degree program will be available for interior design professionals in an effort to ready the industry for the rapidly growing needs of the healthcare industry.

Facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and specialty health centers are the focus of the interior design school’s new program. According to industry trends, interior design students are set to see new opportunities arise in all facets of design in this industry.

The New York interior design school’s new program will be headed up by Victor Dadra, a design expert, and staffed by numerous healthcare professionals. The course will contain elements that compliment the professional knowledge of students by focusing on the aesthetics of healing environments while inserting key knowledge about how healthcare businesses work.

Coursework will include education on interior design research specific to the industry, the history of healthcare design, patient environment and behaviors, and how to apply known design techniques to a facility’s interior design.

Elements to be woven throughout the course of the year-long program include environmentally friendly design, the impacts of lighting on work productivity, as well as the impact of design on patient health.