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New York Interior Design School to Offer Health Facility Program

An interior design school in New York recently announced its 4th graduate program in three years.

The New York School of Interior Design is set to launch a one year professional studies degree program on the interior design of healthcare facilities in the fall of 2012.

The degree program will be available for interior design professionals in an effort to ready the industry for the rapidly growing needs of the healthcare industry.

Facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and specialty health centers are the focus of the interior design school’s new program. According to industry trends, interior design students are set to see new opportunities arise in all facets of design in this industry.

The New York interior design school’s new program will be headed up by Victor Dadra, a design expert, and staffed by numerous healthcare professionals. The course will contain elements that compliment the professional knowledge of students by focusing on the aesthetics of healing environments while inserting key knowledge about how healthcare businesses work.

Coursework will include education on interior design research specific to the industry, the history of healthcare design, patient environment and behaviors, and how to apply known design techniques to a facility’s interior design.

Elements to be woven throughout the course of the year-long program include environmentally friendly design, the impacts of lighting on work productivity, as well as the impact of design on patient health.