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Interior Design Classes at ASU Rank in Top 20 by Industry Firms

Interior design classes at ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts placed among the top 20 design program in the nation in the 12th annual American’s Best Architecture & Design Schools rankings by Design Intelligence.

The interior design school’s undergraduate program ranked 8th in the nation.

ASU’s architecture program came in at 17th, beating out other prestigious programs at Princeton and Texas A&M, and their industrial design program ranked ninth.

Three of the design college’s design programs were ranked in the top 20 for design and architectural course studies in the country.  Design Intelligence, an industry publication, produces the rankings of top tier interior design colleges and architecture schools in the country, as determined by the top firms in the nation.

The firms consider interior design classes and programs at the schools which are doing the best job to prepare students to excel in interior design.

Darren Petrucci, the director of the design college at ASU said that the criterion for making the list is significant to him, according to a university publication. “…four out of five of those firms are ranking our graduates in the top 10 or top 20 of the nation, ’’Petrucci told the paper.

America’s Best Architecture and Design serves as thorough insight into the most elite interior design schools around the country.  The firms base their opinions on real-world work, adding to the credibility of claims about the school’s architecture, industrial, and interior design classes. They complete an in-depth survey with ratings contingent upon the quality work completed by new employees that completed studies at any of the interior design schools.

There were 360 firms that participated in the evaluation and placed ASU’s interior design classes in the top 20 also named the school number one in industrial design on the basis of research and theory. The department also won fourth in the nation as rated by the leaders at other schools.

ASU is considered one of the best collaborative design schools in the country, producing students from interior design, architecture, and industrial design who are thoroughly cross-trained in disciplines that intersect with what they’ve learned in their own studies.