The Best Paid Interior Design Firms

Despite a U.S. recession and less spending allowances in most family budgets, interior design is one of the few jobs to experience growth in its market. According to industry resources, the interior design industry made more than $2 billion in 2008 and has seen significant growth in the years since. Interior designers who are earning the most share of that number seem to be those who operate … [Read more...]

Types of Entry-level Jobs for Interior Design College Graduates

When it comes to high-paying interior design jobs, it takes work experience to land the best jobs. But in the mean time, interior design students and recent graduates can gain important real-world experiences at an entry-level job. Interior design college graduates can enter the workforce directly without any prior industry-related work experience through available entry-level … [Read more...]

Types of Interior Designers

When it comes to interior designs, there are as many types of interior designers as there are different opinions on what is ‘good’ interior designing. When we break it down to types of projects, there are two primary types of interior designers: residential and commercial. Beyond this, interior design can be categorized by sustainable design, elite design, and budget designing. However, the true … [Read more...]

How Interior Design School Prepares you for Project Management

Interior design school is an ideal college major for anyone who loves the art of design and those who appreciate the subtle nuances in both indoor and outdoor settings. But part of the job of an interior designer is to plan the design so that it is executed as close to ‘perfect’ as possible. For that reason, much of your time in an interior design college program will center on planning, … [Read more...]

How Interior Design Schools are changing the Working World

Going to an interior design school might be a personal goal for students, but when it comes to world’s workforce – such a decision can lead to an unintended consequence: participating in positive projects that change the world for the better. Interior designers are among the world’s most influential people, impacting employee performance, patient wellness, and economy. In a recent study by the … [Read more...]

Do You Interior Design Schools Train Interior Decorators?

Do you need to go to an interior design school to be an interior decorator? Is “interior decorator” and “interior designer” the same thing? The short answer is no, they are not. Going to school to become an interior designer will definitely qualify a student as an interior decorator, but the same is not true in reverse. In reality, interior design school program are intense and involve many hours … [Read more...]

Are Online Interior Design Schools Worth It?

Whether you are interested in an online interior design school or an online class about a musical instrument, chances are you may have some concerns about the quality of an online education. This may be especially true if you are a parent helping your child decide on a college major or a college campus. The savings offered by online classes are tremendous, but you probably don’t want to risk … [Read more...]

Are You Meant to be an Interior Designer?

Students in interior design school may be surprised to find out the amount of work it takes to graduate college and actually become a licensed interior designer. However, for those who have a passion for the art of interior design, it seems much less like actual “work” and more like something they were meant to do. According to the American Society of Interior Designers, students can know ahead … [Read more...]

Interior Design Classes: Learning the Basics of Interior Design

The basics of interior design are taught by interior design schools through a program curriculum that teaches all of the necessary components to begin working as an entry level interior designer. With a certificate in interior design, students can choose to directly enter the workforce or go on to pursue a bachelor and master’s degree in the discipline, opening doors to higher paying jobs. The … [Read more...]

Interior Design School Graduates Can Work Outside, Too

Interior design students that love the outdoors can learn landscaping at an interior design school and work on outside projects, as well as inside design. In fact, a portion of the interior design profession chooses to specialize in exterior designs. As of 2008, there were 71,000 registered interior designers in the United States. According to the recent estimates by the Bureau of Labor and … [Read more...]