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Interior Design School Hires Business Guru as Instructor

The New York School of Interior Design will soon have a guest instructor to facilitate training in leadership, market trends, and more.

Steve Nobel is a specialty interior design consultant and will be teaching entrepreneurship studies at the interior design school this spring.

The new courses at the interior design school will include instruction in developing business plans, contracts and other legal work, as well as how to operate an interior design business. The spring 2012 schedule has been released and classes are expected to continue at the school in future semesters.

This term there are two courses being taught at the interior design school by Nobel. “Survey: the Business of Design” begins on January 27th and will provide a general view of how the business of interior design functions and what business owners must know to be successful. This course will feature information about the basic processes that affect all types of design businesses and will include information about what business owners need to be able to do.

On February 24th, another class headed by Nobel will begin at the interior design school. “Leadership: the Vision for a Design Business” will discuss the conception of an interior design business. This class will feature the challenges facing business owners, how to determine if an interior design business is successful, and how to be a balanced interior design business owner.

Steve Noble heads up a consulting practice and is well-qualified to provide instruction to the students at the interior design school. He is already an active participant in the interior design industry and speaks about luxury interior designs at events and conferences. He is also the author of Aiming at Affluence: Marketing Interior Design to Luxury Clients. The New York School of Interior Design will host several seminars around the focus of Nobel’s business wisdom.