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Interior Design School Demonstrates Details of Design Jobs

Interior design students are demonstrating the laborious process of interior design with a keen eye on sustainable design through a unique showcase at their school in Kalamazoo, MI.

Along the way, they have also shown the intensive course of study one must endure at an interior design school to reach the peak of professional potential in the industry.

The five seniors in the interior design school at Western Michigan University put together the intense representation of an interior designer’s job to draw attention to the fact that their job is more involved than the average person might think. The students used as many recycled materials as possible to create everything from miniature tin-foil chandeliers in their model designs to the rather large wires covered in shopping bags they suspended from the ceiling of a classroom in their interior design school.

While sustainability is a “trend” in many areas of art and design, it is something that more and more interior designers and students are focusing on because they understand better their own role in conservation efforts. Statistics among general populations also show that the younger members of society are more focused on conservation, resulting in a more focused effort from college-aged interior designers.

Along the walls of the student display are pictures of the processes they must follow to achieve a new interior design, pointing out that their job is not limited to simply decorating or dreaming up remodeling ideas for others to carry out later. Interior design schools teach myriad functions that all come together when a designer is investigating a problem and producing a pleasing redesign or concept for a new interior space.

Western Michigan University’s interior design program teaches the latest technologies and concepts for the interior design industry, to include training in modeling, concept drafts, and drafting to help future designers learn the process of problem solving.