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Interior Design School Wins Big with Contest Requirements

For design students at an interior design school in Vermillion, Alberta, a school requirement to enter at least three design competitions each year might be a golden ticket to becoming an industry leader without ever leaving college.

Two students of the interior design school at Lakeland College recently won industry recognition for an award-winning design they created during a fast-paced redesign competition sponsored by the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

Students Rebecca Johnston and Julie Arthurs won third and fourth place, to the surprise of some of the competitors. Their interior design school is small and one of more than 30 schools to enter the design competition. However, the two redesigned a kitchen concept for a contemporary couple as part of the timed challenge that won them their places on the board and accolades from the industry representatives that judged the event.

The contestants’ entries were sent off to New Jersey for judging to ensure that an unbiased round of criticism would be given to the students’ works. There were nearly 400 designs submitted by contestants from interior design schools around the region in both the United States and Canada.

Another student at the interior design school, Courtney Federspiel, won a third place award for a bathroom redesign she completed in a separate portion of the competition. In a report by Lloydminster Source (news publication) Federspiel said the bathroom design competition started their first day back at school in September. Unlike the timed kitchen event, the bathroom competition requires immense details from the students at the design school.

The interior design school produces award winning competitors for this competition each year. This is the ninth year running that a student of Lakeland College has won at the competition, a feat that only served to raise the standards for the next round of students according to a school publication.