Interior Design School Degrees: Earning a Master’s Degree

A master’s degree at an accredited interior design school is the highest form of education for interior designers. Known as an Interior Design MA (Master of Arts) or MFA (Master of Fine Arts) Degree, this program allows students to enter into their industry at the highest starting wages possible. A master’s degree in interior design clears the path for management level positions, business … [Read more...]

Interior Design Classes: Learning Architecture & Design

Interior design classes about architecture and design are often part of an overall program goal for a degree in interior design. As students progress through interior design school, they learn the fundamentals and advanced principles of design. Interior design classes such as architecture and design bring together some of the advanced skills learned so far while leaning heavily on the foundation … [Read more...]

Working Your Way through Interior Design School

Many students who want to practice interior design are dedicated and passionate enough to make it to the coveted “Master of Professional Studies in Interior Design” (MPSID) degree. However, some of those students may find it necessary to work while attending classes, making it much more difficult to put in the time required to get there. There is hope for those that are willing to go the extra … [Read more...]

What Can Interior Design Schools Offer You?

Interior designers are very much in demand for their creative skills in devising livable interior spaces that are inviting, functional and visually appealing.  There is a growing interest in interior design schools because they teach courses that you cannot easily learn on your own.  Knowledge of color, composition, texture, lighting, design, health and safety are all topics that are dealt with in … [Read more...]

What is the Job of a Commercial Interior Designer?

Commercial interior designers go beyond merely decorating commercial spaces.  Their jobs entail much more than this, playing a vital part in many public building projects.  A commercial interior design professional contributes to every phase in building or remodeling a commercial structure.  He sees to it that the final result ensures the safety, health and welfare of those who will be using the … [Read more...]

Interior Designer Jobs and Career Opportunities

Creativity, artistic talent and imagination are qualities of a good interior designer.  An interior designer job is a truly challenging but rewarding experience.  In this job, you have to be creative yet practical at the same time to achieve the desired results in meeting the demands of your clients.  Your job as an interior designer may include planning and organizing internal spaces in buildings … [Read more...]

Interior Designer Salary

Interior designers do more than pick out curtains and chairs.  A top priority in their job description is to design interior space for function and safety.  Aesthetics play an important part as well, but the best interior designers are capable of creating useful, functional space of great beauty.  It is not surprising that top interior designers can earn a high salary. Interior designers can … [Read more...]