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What Can Interior Design Schools Offer You?

Interior designers are very much in demand for their creative skills in devising livable interior spaces that are inviting, functional and visually appealing.  There is a growing interest in interior design schools because they teach courses that you cannot easily learn on your own.  Knowledge of color, composition, texture, lighting, design, health and safety are all topics that are dealt with in an interior design school.  In addition, it may soon become necessary get a degree in interior design or attend an accredited interior design school in order to get a job in this field.

Interior design schools can get you started in a rewarding career opportunity.  Students receive training to attain certificate or diploma programs such as BFA, BA, MFA and MA in interior design.  You can choose a course that suits your requirements and career goals.

Interior design involves the conversion of an indoor space into an environment that is aesthetically conducive to its intended purpose.  The conversion depends on the how a space will be used.  For instance, the interior design of a bedroom will differ from that of a bathroom or living area.

A formal education in interior design is recommended to get you started on the road to success.  Most interior design schools place major emphasis on drafting.  However, there are courses that will teach you about current trends in design, safety requirements, standard practices and other rules and regulations.

There are also online schools for those who cannot attend a full time program.  The programs offered by online interior design schools are similar to those on campus programs.  Students who take up online programs can take these classes from their own homes and on their own time.

The choice of an interior design school will depend on your career goals and current qualifications.  Getting a certificate is also a good option for becoming a professional interior designer.  You can move on to a BFA or BA program in the future.  Many interior design schools offer these programs.  They provide an excellent starting point for a successful career in interior design.

Selecting the best interior design school for your degree will depend on the type of degree you want to obtain.  You also have to consider the school’s location and how much the course will cost.  If you decide to enroll in an online interior design school, the location will no longer be a restriction.  You can use an online interior design school directory to help you search for the most suitable school for you.


What is the Job of a Commercial Interior Designer?

Commercial interior designers go beyond merely decorating commercial spaces.  Their jobs entail much more than this, playing a vital part in many public building projects.  A commercial interior design professional contributes to every phase in building or remodeling a commercial structure.  He sees to it that the final result ensures the safety, health and welfare of those who will be using the space.

Commercial interior design is a highly competitive field.  Interior designers design the layouts for commercial building including airport passenger terminals, shopp

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Interior Designer Jobs and Career Opportunities

Creativity, artistic talent and imagination are qualities of a good interior designer.  An interior designer job is a truly challenging but rewarding experience.  In this job, you have to be creative yet practical at the same time to achieve the desired results in meeting the demands of your clients.  Your job as an interior designer may include planning and organizing internal spaces in buildings and other structures.  You may also be required to produce designs for businesses, homes, hotels, public building, ships and aircraft.

To be an interior designer, you have to be part artist and part business professional.  While an interior designer job is exciting, it is not all glamour.  You must know how to handle people, work within a budget, and excel at client relationships.  You do all these while designing beautiful, functional spaces that meet building and safety codes.

Part of an interior designer job is to meet and negotiate with clients.  You will have to prepare basic design sketches for the client’s approval.  This will include color schemes, lighting, furnishing, fabrics, etc.  You will also have to provide the client with cost estimates.  Once the design has been finalized and approved, you will also help to monitor the progress of work if the client requests this.

If you are new at the profession, you will have to work your way up the ranks.  Your first interior designer job will most likely be as an assistant to an established interior designer in one of their many projects.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to gain experience and connect with others in the interior design industry.

There are a number of career opportunities within the industry.  You can specialize in interior decorating, interior design, commercial interior design, lighting design, set design, space planner, exhibit design, and the like.  An interior design degree gives you the opportunity to learn all of these specialties.  Interior design programs usually take four years to complete, but you can attend an online school or work for an AA degree that will put you in the work force much faster.

With a degree in interior design, you can join a company and have an interior designer job as trainee.  Use this opportunity to learn all you can and gather experience that will serve as a solid foundation to build your skills.

You may also choose to be self employed. This career option is best suited for those with plenty of experience in the industry.  You will not be receiving a regular monthly income but you will have flexible hours plus the prospect of earning potentially unlimited income.

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Interior Designer Salary

Interior designers do more than pick out curtains and chairs.  A top priority in their job description is to design interior space for function and safety.  Aesthetics play an important part as well, but the best interior designers are capable of creating useful, functional space of great beauty.  It is not surprising that top interior designers can earn a high salary.

Interior designers can earn an average of $45,000 in a year.  Most positions in this field require a 4-year college degree.  An interior designer’s salary depends to a great extent on his experience and the school where he graduated.  Other factors may come into play for the salary of an entry level position, including grades and geographical location.

Take note that an interior designer will always have a higher salary than an interior decorator.  This is because an interior designer is required to have more educational training and skills than an interior decorator.  While an interior decorator focuses on aesthetics, the interior designer needs to consider functionality and safety aspects as well.

An interior designer can earn a starting salary from $22,000 to $40,000.  The salary varies according to amount of experience, field of expertise, and specialization.  In general, interior designers who do commercial designing earn a higher income than those who do residential designing.  Likewise, a highly experienced and well established interior designer can earn a six-figure annual income.

Working within a specific industry can also account for variations in salary.  Interior designers who work in specialized design services and architectural, engineering and related services earn more than those working for furniture stores, building materials and supplies dealers.  Designers who work for engineering and architectural establishments earn an average of $53,000 a year.  Salaries increase as they gain more experience and exposure in the field.

Freelancers or self-employed interior designers are usually paid by the hour or on a per project basis.  In the USA, they usually earn between $35 to $124 per hour.  On an annual basis, freelance interior designers earn a salary of about $52,000.  You can earn a very good income as a freelancer.  However, it is a good idea to gain some experience first by working with an established interior designing firm before going off on your own.

Some established interior designers can earn a salary amounting to $100,000 a year.  If you are creative and artistically inclined with a love for mixing and matching furniture and fabrics, a career in interior design may be perfect for you.