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Interior Design Students Win with Creation Concepts

Interior design schools may teach interiors 101, but not before they teach students about the tools that will make them better at their jobs and more likely to get projects done within their deadline. Interior design software can make all the difference in discovering what works (and what doesn’t) before spending a ton of the budget on drafts of an interior design. Students in San Jose’ learned first-hand that knowing how to use this kind of computer program can really help tilt the odds of success.

(PRWEB) May 22, 2012 – When words fall short, interior designers turn to 3D visualization. It’s a keen bit of advice and something that the faculty at San José State University School of Art & Design makes sure every student knows before they graduate. Recently this strategy of imparting insight and teaching students 3D tools resulted in a near sweep of the International Interior Design Association of Northern California’s (IIDA) Student Design Awards. It appears all that time learning Luxology®’s modo®, the school’s 3D package of choice, paid off.

What began as a research project designed to teach students about a specific architect quickly blossomed into full-fledged exploration of the modeling, sculpting and rendering techniques the students had been gaining from continuous modo use. One project (a second place finisher) played with the ideas of vegetarianism and photosynthesis in order to produce a restaurant design that mimicked the internal structure of a vegetable. As an avid sculptor, student artist Chase Lunt found that modo’s sculpting features gave him the 3D equivalent of what he had become used to fashioning with his hands.

“When ideas meet modo, the creative possibilities are almost limitless,” said Lunt. “modo brings my mind beyond the pencil and paper into a world of deformers, falloffs, shaders and effects that can quickly and accurately bring what I see in my head out into the real world.”

As ideas were moved from concept to competitive, the students found an edge in modo’s world-famous rendering capabilities. “modo renders beautifully,” noted Jessica Sikoryak, SJSU student and third place IIDA award winner. “That level of presentation had to help when my design hit the judges table.” Jessica’s day spa concept, with its stone walkways and sharp edges, was inspired by Carlo Scarpa’s renovation …

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