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Interior Design School to Host Open House

An interior design school in the United Kingdom is holding an open house event this weekend to encourage students to enroll in studies at the school.

The KLC School of Design will hold an open house event on March 17th for prospective students who are interested in the industry of interior design.

The interior design school is specifically promoting classes to other types of professionals who may be struggling and looking for a career change, much like many of the professionals in the United States and across other regions of the world. The school’s open house is running for a very short amount of time next Saturday, however, with the event running from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m., local time.

During the limited time, the interior design school will allow guests and visitors to view samples of some of the project work completed by the existing and former design students that have passed through the school. Also on the agenda is an overview of the curriculum and impressions from students at the school. Interviews for application to the design school can be booked at the event or in advance.

Interviews are the very first step in the application process at the school and are described as an informal process. Interviews for application into an interior design school are a standard part of admissions into nearly all institutions in the UK and United States, where the purpose is to determine a student’s financial ability, time availability, and dedication to learning about interior design.

KLC School of Design is ranked among the top design schools in the region and is committed to training designers of the future. Students of the interior design school look forward to annual exhibitions, detailed immersion in the interior design industry, and networking with industry professionals.