Are Online Interior Design Schools Worth It?

Whether you are interested in an online interior design school or an online class about a musical instrument, chances are you may have some concerns about the quality of an online education. This may be especially true if you are a parent helping your child decide on a college major or a college campus. The savings offered by online classes are tremendous, but you probably don’t want to risk sacrificing a superior education just to save a few grand.

What are the risks of online interior design classes?

The answer to this question has sparked debate for at least the last decade and it was, at one time, a common discrepancy among educators, professionals, and students. The conversation went something like this:

Student: I want to take five of my classes online. It costs less and I can do it at my own pace.
Parent: Online classes leave out the important parts of the class; like participation and group discussion.
Student: But….
Parent: …but, what?

The good news is that this isn’t such a common argument anymore.  Even educators at top universities agree that online classes, for many studies, are completely appropriate. The education industry has actually done a really good job at figuring out what type of courses are acceptable for online studies, including those taught in interior design schools.

The Academy of Art University, a well-respected design college, offers a full range of degree programs online for this reason. While it is unlikely that you or your child will be able to earn a master’s degree by taking a wholly online degree program, you might be surprised at how much of the curriculum doesn’t involve hands-on participation (especially while earning a lower degree).

The American Society of Interior Designers Weighs In

The ASID, an interior design industry group that keeps an eye on all things interior design endorses at least five online interior design school programs (including the Academy of Art university) and had this to say about online interior design schools and classes:

“When considering enrolling in an online learning program, you must conduct your research.  While a certificate from such a program, such as the Sheffield School of Interior Design, would probably provide you with a good introduction to interior design, it would not provide you with the credentials you will need to sit for the NCIDQ exam or to be licensed in most states or hired by most interior design or architecture firms.”

Read more about interior design school from ASID here.

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