Types of Interior Designers

When it comes to interior designs, there are as many types of interior designers as there are different opinions on what is ‘good’ interior designing. When we break it down to types of projects, there are two primary types of interior designers: residential and commercial. Beyond this, interior design can be categorized by sustainable design, elite design, and budget designing. However, the true categorization of the types of interior designers might best be defined by the types of interiors that these professionals create for their clients.

A residential interior designer is a professional designer that works specifically on designs for the home. This type of interior designer is dedicated to the function, feel, and layout that will please the people that live in the space.

Commercial designers are a type of interior designer that works specifically on offices, stores, and other public or semi-public spaces. They must consider how the interior will affect customers and employees, as well as mood and productivity.

Sustainable interior designers focus on using sustainable products to create their designs and create interiors that best utilize natural air flow, heat, cooling, lighting, water, and other elements. Budget designers create interior designs for clients who are only able to spend a small, specific amount of money on their design, while elite designers are able to create interiors that cost much more.

Inside of each of these types of interior designers lie additional categories. Some span all of those listed above (such as ‘bathroom designer’) while others apply to a specific industry (such as ‘commercial dining’):

Cultural and Style-based Designers – Cultural designers are well-versed in architecture and design concepts from around the globe. This type of interior designer may specialize in a specific type of design, such as eastern philosophy and feng shui. He or she may also understand the general styles that are popular around the world, able to create any mood from western desert designs to clean and modern décor.

Set Designers – As part of the production teams in entertainment circles, set designers are a type of interior designer that specialize in creating false, but realistic interiors that photograph well. Many times, set designers design a working space for a television show or a ‘living space’ for photographs, cinema, and live theatre.

Hotel and Motel Designers – Hotel and motel designers specialize in maximizing the use of limited space throughout a hotels interior. They design rooms, lobbies, restaurants, pool decks, and more for the comfort of visitors and staff.

Health Care Designer – Health design is a fast-growing industry that focuses on health and wellness, as well as employee productivity and mood.

Bathroom and Kitchen Designers – Bathroom and kitchen designers specialize in the unique facets of these common areas. They may work in commercial or residential project teams to choose appropriate lighting, fixtures, tiles, and backsplashes.

Commercial Dining Designers – This is a type of interior designer that is able to imagine creative solutions for spaces where customers will dine. Most restaurants hire interior designers to make the most use of a small space or open floor plan so that customers are comfortable in their environment.

Exhibition Designers – Interior designers that work in museums, art galleries, and other types of exhibit halls are highly-specialized professionals that work to create a mood or ambience for an audience within the inside of a building.