EK Success Pick, Point and Match Rainbow Color Selector, 5-Inch

EK Success Pick, Point and Match Rainbow Color Selector, 5-Inch

EK Success Pick, Point and Match Rainbow Color Selector, 5-Inch Rating:
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These handy color wheels helps pick the perfect color combinations every time. For crafts, quilts, needlework, knit, crochet, weaving, spinning, scrapbooking, card making, and home and fashion design. Works with fabric, fibers, paper, or paint. All information on color wheel and brochure is available in English, French, and Spanish.


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  1. Lynn Conradt-eberlin says


    Color combonations have always been a source of mystery and –more often than not — just falling short of the mark.

    This wheel is the best I have found in my searches. Easily contained in one packet with instructions even I can folllow, I have the tool I need to grasp why something works and why it won’t before wasting time and money.

    I have one for my decorating, but think I need a couple of more to have handy for jewlery making and clothes buying as well.

    Good investment in yourself, your personal confidence and creativity!

  2. G. A. Peet says


    Excellent tool for use with crafts. Makes an amateur into a pro, with regard to color selection.

  3. Rating

    I crochet, but I’m color challenged. When it comes to picking more than two colors to work with, I just can’t do it. This wheel helps tremendously.

    Now, I can’t just use any wheel. There are an infinite number of color variations. With a traditional color wheel, I have problems, because I find it hard to place my color yarn on the wheel. This color wheel makes it much easier, because there is a window. I place my yarn in the window. The window where it looks most pleasing is where the color belongs. That window is unbelievably helpful.

    Then, there are the arrows. There are two different triangles, a square and a rectangle and one line straight across. If I just use colors at the tip of one of the shapes, I’m good. If I want to use more colors, Just point one of the shapes to one of the colors I picked out in the original configuration and I get another set of colors to add. There is a wonderful instruction sheet on how to work with the proportions of the colors I pick in my work.

    This is a great tool for the crafter. I’ve found it most helpful and I’m glad I bought it.

  4. Rating

    We are trying to decorate our house and I have always been pretty timid about combining different colors. I’ve taken art classes and I know about the color wheel and how opposites compliment each other but for some reason when it comes to decorating I want to stick with different shades of the same color because it feels “safe”. Well when decorating safe is very boring! This little gadget helps me go out of my comfort zone. I even test it on one of my computer games where it allows you to build a house and design it any way you want. That way I have a 3D version of our house that I can see and decorate before I jump into the deep end and spend lots of money and time on paint, pillows, furniture, tiles, etc. It even comes with a nice little instruction book that tells you how to use it. It turns out a lot of my instincts were correct on color combinations. Now I feel better about actually doing them! My only complaint is that I wish this product was a little sturdier. It hasn’t been a problem but I carry it in my purse so that way if I happen to stop at the store I will know what colors to get. I’m always worried that because it’s made out of paperboard it is going to get bent, torn, or wet and soggy. Again, it has stood up to the test of my purse so far so I really have no complaints. I would and have recommended this item to my friends. Also, unrelated to the quality, I think it was a little overpriced. If I bought this from the store I wouldn’t expect to pay more the $4. But its a small price to pay for the certainty that you are making good color choices.

  5. Eva Anderson says


    It is easy use and quickly show you which colors go together. it also provides you with great color combinations and allows you to see what your item will look like with them instantly. The windows are big enought for a good color comparison with any item. This is the only color wheel you will need.