The Best of Trading Spaces

The Best of Trading Spaces

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This phenomenally popular reality TV series that put the Learning Channel on the map obviously hopes to further build its fan base with this nearly two-hour collection of memorable moments, behind-the-scenes segments, and crew profiles. The premise: Two sets of neighbors have 48 hours to redo a room in each other's home. At their disposal are a designer, a carpenter, and a $1,000 budget. Most entertaining are the "reveals," presented in too-brief "Love it" and "Hate it" segments. These are all subjective, of course. One couple loved their new safari-inspired bedroom. I thought it made Graceland look like Monticello. Those new to the series might want to get a few episodes under their (tool) belt to really appreciate this. Fans of the series will make it a valuable addition to their DVD library. --Donald Liebenson


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  1. Anonymous says


    I love trading places and all those other decorating shows ( debbie travis, candice olsen, designer guys, decorating challenge, changing rooms, while you were out, etccc) I havent seen the DvD yet but I’d still give it a 5 outta 5 b-cuz its and awesome show, and I wanna be an interior decorator when i’m older!!!

  2. R. Laurent says


    I watched this DVD because I thought I’d learn something about decorating (can you tell I’ve seldom seen this TV series?). Instead I learned that it is definitely not a good idea to turn over a room of your house to the producers of this show. The DVD reveals the behind-the-scenes interactions between the decorators and worker-bee neighbors. Although the decorators are fun and entertaining, some try to bully the neighbors into assisting with a makeover that the neighbors insist the homeowners will hate (and they are proved right). A natural approach would be to detect the homeowners’ taste and take it to another level. Instead, the decorators seem to be asking themselves, how can I make this room dramatically different (thereby abandoning any pretense of pleasing the homeowners). Even the section that purports to show the reactions of people who love their makeovers falls flat–anyone who can read faces knows that at least one spouse in most of those segments was unhappy or at least unimpressed. I gave the DVD an intermediate rating because although it teaches little about decorating it would be educational for anyone considering applying for the show.

  3. Anonymous says


    Okay, I’ve seen just about every episode, so I guess it goes without saying that I like this series. But I was ready to be disappointed with the dvd, I mean, just “best of” clips? …

    But it is really well done! I laughed so much, they did an excellent job. The editing is great, the individual ‘bios’ of the cast are great, I admit I love the ‘hated it’ reactions 😉 , well, it’s all just great…

    I recommend this dvd, even for those only luke-warm on the series (gets right to the good parts and no commercials!).

  4. Anonymous says


    It’s a menu of extras, fine in and of itself, but lacking in the meat of the show. I paid twenty bucks to see something different and I feel let down. I would like to see actual interviews with the designers and carpenters. I would like to know more about the departure of Alex (and Des). I want to know how to put together some of the more beautiful armoirs and shelves that Ty and Amy Wynn built. I want to see shopping lists so when I try to recreate some of the rooms in my own home, I know what to get at the store and which store to look through.
    I don’t get any of that on this DVD. Even the reveal montages are available on the other Trading Spaces DVDs. Save your bucks unless you’re a completist.

  5. Anonymous says


    I don’t have this DVD, yet. I want it for my birthday. I think since Trading Spaces is such a great show, I think it will be a useful DVD. That’s why I think this DVD should recive 5 stars.

  6. Peter A. Greene says


    This DVD plays like the “special features” portion of any DVD– there just isn’t any main feature to go with it. The 121 minutes playing time is the result of adding the umpteen little clip-shows together, plus, I would guess, the running time of the menu.

    The clip selections are not bad, but they are certainly brief. Each current cast member gets a short featurette, and those do aa good job of capturing the flavor of that individual. And even though they include a “history of…” feature, Alex is completely ignored (Des, too, but I can almost understand that…)

    So if you sit down with this, you’ll work the remote a lot and be done in a couple of hours. Mixed feelings here– if someone gave it to you as aa gift, you’d probably be delighted and enjoy it. But if you shell out your own money for it, you may end up feeling a bit cheated…

  7. Anonymous says


    I’ll admit I didn’t read closely enough. We live overseas on a military base and I thought I could have a few hours with one of my favorite shows, but it wasn’t to be with this DVD. I expected an episode — shoot, I expected 3 or 4 episodes — you know, the BEST of Trading Spaces. When I realized what I had, I revised my expectations but I’m not sure they could ever be low enough to be satisfied by this collection of short blips from the series.

    You may enjoy the bios of the cast. I wanted episodes. It’s not truly fair to judge a product based on what you want rather than on what it IS. So I’ll say this, there are precious few “reveals” that would be of interest to the average viewer. The “hated it” reveals are the great ones from the series, but you have seen them before. Some extra footage on the reveals would have been very tantalizing. The “loved it” reveals are good — I’d like to see the rooms more up close and personal. The bloopers are goofy. These aren’t funny bloopers.

    This is just an attempt to gain a bit more profit from an unsuspecting built-in fan base. With this product, I feel underappreciated as a fan, however, just knowing what you’re getting going in can make all the difference. I hope they come out with something much more substantial to offer their following.

  8. Anonymous says


    I don’t have this DVD but I want it because I love remodeling shows such as Trading Spaces, Monster House, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and a lot more. I am asking for it for my birthday. Besides I want to be either a carpenter, designer, interior designer, enterior designer, interior decorator, exterior decorater, or a contracter. So I am totally hooked.

  9. Steph Olsen says


    I’ve seen basically every episode of “Trading Spaces” on TLC whenever I can (since my boyfriend and I currently don’t have cable in our apartment, I don’t get to see it as often as I wish). Its one of my favorite shows on TV and I was really excited to hear of this DVD.

    Since it was only a ‘best of’ DVD, all it was made up of was clips, but I didn’t mind! I loved it!!!! I was really thrilled to see clips of the, as I call it, ‘Spaz Guy Episode’ (His name is Chris, I forget her name though) since it is one of the only episodes I HAVEN’T seen yet.

    I can’t say everyone will like this DVD if they like Trading Spaces, but I did and I at least recommend people finding away to see it.

  10. Anonymous says


    I don’t have cable, so I can’t watch this show on a regular basis. I’d seen it a few times at other people’s houses, and found it really interesting, but in conversations I couldn’t remember which designer was which or keep up with references to particular rooms or episodes. This DVD was great as an introduction to the show. It doesn’t show you full episodes, so if you’re looking for specific moments, you probably won’t find it here. However, the profiles of the designers and carpenters and the showcase of the homeowners was worth the price of admission. I now know which designers are funny, which ones don’t seem to care if you don’t want your fireplace painted, and who can be critical and sweet as pie at the same time. One of the perks of the show is the “reveals”, where the homeowners check out their new digs. The disc contains both “Love It” and “Hated It” sections, with pretty extreme reactions on both sides of the fence. The Bloopers weren’t really bloopers, mostly just goofiness and swearing that didn’t make it into the show, but amusing to watch, nonetheless. It’s obvious why Ty is such a big deal to fans of the show – he’s a complete ham.
    I really appreciated the bonus footage of some of the harder projects. On the downside, the disc wasn’t very long, but I guess it whetted my appetite for more. I look forward to checking out the next Trading Spaces DVDs.