Fun To Know: Interior Design

Fun To Know: Interior Design

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Through demonstration and detailed explanation, design professionals guide the viewer in the art of transforming home interiors into attractive functi


  • This DVD is the best way to learn the Art of Interior Design at home, at your own place, in your spare time.


  1. Steven Karst says


    I agree with the last comment. It looks as though some students got together to shoot this. Not professional at all, and you’ll learn as much as you would at a hardware store.

  2. Langley Book Lover says


    If you are contemplating purchasing this item, I’m here to save you from making a terrible mistake!

    The blurb on the back of the DVD touts it as an “interactive” DVD. Not so. The only interaction I got with the DVD was to hit the play button.

    This DVD will not help you learn the basics of interior design. The movie is set in a paint store where you are shown various flooring options, blind options, etc. – basically what most people know anyway.

    The filming is completely amateurish (what is that shot of the highrises with no sound in the middle of the DVD for anyway?). I think my home video capability is better. What a joke!

  3. Rating

    Most of these ideas will cost you to do, but if you have the budget for it, you will like this book.