Changing Rooms – Trust Me, I’m a Designer

Changing Rooms - Trust Me, I'm a Designer

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Studio: Ingram Entertainment Release Date: 04/04/2006 Rating: Nr


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  1. Lee Winston Wright says


    It was entertaining and amusing to a point but hardly as delightful as full episodes. If you’re a fan of the show chances are you’ll be disappointed and if you’re not, you’re not likely to appreciate the show based on these clips, out takes and bloopers. Fortunately my version was a VCR tape and priced to sell.

  2. Rating

    The original – and the best. I know, I’m repeating another reviewer, but it is true. The copycat shows don’t match the fun of this one – even the title was clever (there are two meanings that apply).

    As far as not buying this DVD and just watching the reruns on BBC: There are no reruns on BBC America, anyway. I’d buy the season collections, even though I saw every episode. I learned a lot from the crew – what to do and, more importantly, what NOT to do. It even served me well in some of my own projects around the house. But, until they come out with season DVD sets, at least I can watch this collection and reminisce. Even so, watching this DVD always leaves me wanting more.

  3. A. B. C. Fh says


    My dvd player had problems with regional blocking and pc drive could not read it either.

  4. B. Stephens says


    This DVD was more of a commentary by select designers of the UK series than a encore of favorite episodes. Quite honestly the designers of the show aren’t the draw. It is the wacky, drastic, and sometimes disasterous exchange of change that occurs between two consenting neighbors. The draw of the show is the concept of someone giving up a room in their home, reluctant but oddly excited at the same time, in order for a neighbor and “some pal” they’ve chosen to come in and totally redesign it. This DVD however, is more of a tribute to the designers themselves. We see some bloopers, select designer interviews, favorite moments, and basically none of the good stuff that really attracts viewers to the show. Don’t bother adding this one to your library. Stick to watching episodes on BBC!

  5. M. Gosselin says


    It is amazing how we are all so different in this world. Fun to watch

  6. Rebecca Winter says


    With copies of this show being made all over the world, I have to say that the UK version is the original and the best. It is the personalities of the designers, Handy Andy and Carole that make the show, and there are plenty of “personality” moments on this DVD as well as some of our favorite rooms. I wish BBC would release the entire ten seasons on DVD.