Professional Practice for Interior Designers

Professional Practice for Interior Designers

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The text of choice for professional interior design practice -- now with companion CD-ROM!

Since publication of the first edition in 1990, Professional Practice for Interior Designers has remained the leading choice for educators for teaching interior design business practice as well as for professionals seeking to advance in their own practices. This ASID/Polsky Prize winner is recommended by the NCIDQ for exam preparation and covers the gamut of legal, financial, management, marketing, administrative, and ethical issues. You gain all the essential skills needed for planning and maintaining a thriving interior design business, presented in the clear, easy-to-follow style that is the hallmark of this text.

This edition is completely current with the latest business practices and features a host of new practice aids:

* Companion CD-ROM includes a trial version of professional practice software, business forms, numerous short articles, plus additional information and resources.

* New examples help you manage the latest challenges and implement the latest business practices.

* A new chapter devoted to strategic planning explains this important business concept in easy-to-understand language for students and professionals.

* Brief "what would you do" case studies in each chapter challenge you to respond to ethical issues faced by today's interior designers.

From creating a business plan to launching a promotional campaign to setting up a computerized accounting system, everything you need to launch and sustain a successful interior design practice is here.


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  1. Anonymous says


    This one is a must read if you are considering a degree in interior design. I found it extremely helpful in planning my career path.

  2. Laura Merrill says


    Professional Practice for Interior Designers

    I have bought the Professional Practice for Interior Designers (Purchased on 01/06/2009. E-mail follow up was prompt, fast shipment and the book was in great shape.

    thank you

  3. Rating

    This is very good! I haven’t read the whole thing though. This version is so much better than the old one. It’s twice as thick and scary at first site. If using it to study for the NCIDQ, better start reading way in advance, it’s long and small print. Got a nice CD in the back to use for forms, nice!

  4. EMMA GREEN says


    good information for starting a design business (not just interior) or to rewrite an existing plan that needs some freshening up.

  5. Rachelle A. Kiklowicz says


    This book reads like a friend whispering all the good advice and secrets of the interior design business in your ear. I wish my Professional Practices class had used this text. It’s a lot of information but Christine Piotrowski truly takes you by the hand and lets you know what you need to prepare for in a budding interior design business as well as how the interior design business is done in general. I will be referencing this book again and again. A huge thank you and bravo to Christine Piotrowski

  6. M. Valde says


    The book was in excellent condition, and although there were issues with shipping, the company I worked with expedited the service and shipment.

  7. Robin Gonzalez, student member ASID says


    FINALLY, a book that was written for the trained interior design professional. The author explains in detail how to legally and financially start and run a professional interior design business. The author is affiliated with the NCIDQ and definitely understands the difference between decorating and designing. Excellent read for anyone seeking or even just curious about the ins and outs of starting a business.

  8. A. Thomas says


    This book was used for both Business Practice For Interior Design & Sales and Marketing. I had no need to consult any other source. “This is a great book” THANKS..

  9. Anonymous says


    Outstanding, fabulous, fabulous book. Extremely helpful to me in starting my own firm. Well written. Well organized. Invaluable.

  10. K. Williams says


    I have practiced interior design for over 20 years and still found this book to be invaluable. The information about legal ramifications and insurance coverage was enlightening but also sobering. It’s a must read for any design firm principal or freelance designer.