Interior Construction & Detailing for Designers and Architects, 4th ed.

Interior Construction & Detailing for Designers and Architects, 4th ed.

Interior Construction & Detailing for Designers and Architects, 4th ed. Rating:
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Interior design and detailing requires a broad range of knowledge about materials, finishes, construction assemblies, mechanical and electrical systems, building codes, and design standards. This book covers it all, for both commercial and residential projects.

Comprehensive reference for interior design and detailing principles In-depth explanation of how and why interior components are put together More than 360 illustrations and tables Coverage of structural coordination and environmental issues CSI Masterformat™ numbers A detailed index

What's new in the 4th edition Updated to reference the 2006 IBC New chapter on Sustainable Design


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  1. Michael S. Cole says


    This book should be on the shelves of every interior designer- it’s so thorough that it’s a little cumbersome at first. It should be used as a reference book, it gives chapter-by-chapter explanations on the specifics for the construction and application of windows, casegoods, partitions, etc. If there is ever any doubt in a designers mind as to how exactly something is constructed or works when it comes to the specifics of interior design, this book’s for you.

  2. HappyCamper says


    Purchased for college level course. Great service, no problems. Would not hesitate to purchase again.

  3. misterbeets says


    Has lots of tables and charts, and is adequately explained. The author also writes study guides for standardized architecture tests, and that pretty much sums up the style: no opinions, just facts. Very thorough though. Personally I don’t need a whole chapter on locks, but I suppose there are those who do. Presentation and graphics are a bit low-rent for an architecture book.

  4. Hoda Hamdy says


    Though the seller claimed that the book was new after receiving it, I discovered that the book was used with highlighted lines (green, pink) in several pages! I wasn’t interested in a used book as it was a gift add to that that I was charged for a new book.