House Beautiful Colors for Your Home: 300 Designer Favorites (House Beautiful Series)

House Beautiful Colors for Your Home: 300 Designer Favorites (House Beautiful Series)

House Beautiful Colors for Your Home: 300 Designer Favorites (House Beautiful Series) Rating:
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What transforms a room from monotone to magical? Color! So, if you're nervous about splashing that white with bright, this conveniently portable primer based on House Beautiful's most popular column will help. With special insider advice from top designers, plus a directory of actual paint swatches, this book is the most comprehensive and appealing color resource available today. All the colors are searchable by shade and by room, and every paint is accompanied by its manufacturer, name, and number, so you can match what you want right from the book. The guide's unique format makes everything easy. Noted designers with long and distinguished careers offer suggestions for every room and mood. They provide advice on which shades to start with and which to experiment with, the classic palettes they keep coming back to, and how the right colors can simply make us feel good. Gorgeous room shots-such as Paula Perlini's delphinium blue bedroom and Amanda Keyser's merlot red walls-are accompanied by the exact brands of paint and their swatches, so you can examine the colors closely.


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  1. John N. Willson says


    Great book with beautiful colors and suggestion on how to use. Well worth the money.

  2. E. Martin says


    I love the color pages that appear every month in House Beautiful. This book contains much of that information in one handy location. The book is divided by rooms as well as color families and color inspirations. There is also a very good index. I am a Realtor and often help my customers with color selection. This book provides some great visuals plus the name of the paint color and manufacturer. The photos of the rooms also can give you some excelling decorating ideas.

  3. Jane Kummel says


    If your thinking of painting this book is great. Confused about whites it goes into details, brands etc. Shows compatible colors. Buy it!

  4. GirlyGirl says


    Choosing paint colors can be overwhelming and can feel like a full time job, so I LOVE this book because it has really helped me narrow down the field. I had ideas of what shade I wanted but just needed help sifting through the hundreds of shades available, this book has been really helpful in doing this. For example, I knew I wanted to paint my room a pale bluish-grey, and this book helped me determine which actual shade would be the best. I feel like I can trust that the decorators and designers have experience with which paint colors really seem to work the best and stand the test of time. I would not use the swatches printed on the pages of this book exclusively though- I don’t believe it is intended to replace the real paint swatches you get from the paint store. You really need to go out and get the actual swatch of what you see in the book because it will look slightly different in paint than how it’s printed on the page of a book. The book is more of a means to an end rather than trying to be the actual paint fan deck, if you know what I mean. It gives you ideas and the names of the colors, and then it’s your job to go out, get the swatches, and paint swatches on your wall before committing to buying gallons of paint.

  5. Rating

    I love HB and this book is exactly what I expected it to be. A compilation of the magazine feature of favorite colors. The book is a smaller size and contains page after page of paint swatches with the designer’s description of the color. If you spend the time to read all the descriptions, be prepared to read the word “depth” a lot!

  6. Rating

    loved this book, found the colors I wanted without having to go to various stores. Was able to see which colors matched each other and what matched my colors at home. large selection of Benjamin Moore colors.

  7. Susan Hershman says


    This is Susan Hershman, author of the book, ‘House Colors: Exterior Color by Style of Architecture’. My book deals with how to choose exterior color for the home. This book’s subject matter deals with the interior room . This subject matter was going to be my next book. It was written before I got a chance to do it. My point is that readers are always asking me to write a book on interior color or ask for a recommendation for one. This book is my recommendation.

    The paint colors were chosen by talented designers and are their favorite colors. Their word on color is the bottom line because they have experienced color professionally and know what works and doesn’t work. Designers always end up with a list of their favorite colors and it is a list that many designers hold close to their chest and don’t share. Not here. This is an priceless resource.

    That being said, always check your colors before you paint your room. The nature of the printing process is that it’s not always accurate, some colors are particularly off. It’s not the fault of the author at all. Just use common sense when selecting colors from this book. That means that you must always test your colors on your walls in your room. Paint a large area, at least 4’x4′ or even larger and paint it on all four walls. Look at the color in the day time, mid day and under artificial lighting sources at night. It will look different for each situation. Take the time to test before you go out and buy gallons of paint, it will pay off financially and more importantly, in the color result. Trust me, I’ve done this a million times.

    One more thought about the book. As much as I love it, and I do, I wish that there were more examples of the colors in photographs. People have a hard time visualizing. Even if the color is a little bit off, it does show alot more than a color swatch. Still, bravo to the editors of House Beautiful. Well done and thanks a lot for all of those people out there who struggle to get great color for their interiors!

  8. J. Schaeufele says


    This little book is full of the colors that have been featured in

    House Beautiful for a few years. The color swatches are all from

    different paint companies and have the color number and name under the swatch.

    This is a great resourse for anyone needing to pick colors for their

    home. You still need to try the color in your own room to see if it

    is the right intensity. Great help and a good gift for anyone wanting

    to paint their homes.

  9. Rating

    Always interested in seeing what color designers like to use – their sure fires – and this doesn’t disappoint. Nice resource for the novice or pro.

  10. Design Addict says


    This book is an invaluable resource for choosing paint colors. I utilized this book extensively while having my house painted. The size makes it easy to carry to the paint store. Highly recommend this if you are needing help choosing paint colors.