Interior Design School Coordinates Seaport Show

The New York School of Interior Design recently helped organize a showcase of up and coming interior designers in New York. Along with the Museum of the City of New York, the school chose the designers to be featured at the event where designers discussed many facets of their trade. ( New York School of Interior Design and Museum of the City of New York organized “New New … [Read more...]

Interior Design Student’s Final Project a Hit

Businesses save thousands of dollars on concept designs each year by allowing interior design students the opportunity to develop a professional interior design for their physical establishments, but to the design students it’s one more chance to show that they have what it takes to succeed in their chosen profession. It can feel like a make-it-or-break-it project, but at the end of the project … [Read more...]

Interior Design Students Develop Temp Shelters

Interior designers are more than home decorators. In fact, they are more like architects and engineers that the general lay person might assume. Students from one interior design program challenged this common misconception by designing concepts and models for a project meant to provide temporary and inexpensive homes for those displaced by natural disasters and other temporary homelessness. As … [Read more...]

College Showcases Interior Design Work at Job Fair

Interior design students looking toward graduation find job leads from networking events, school resources, and job fairs. Getting to know people (and allowing them to know you) is important to the success of an interior designer, so students spend much of their time learning how to network with members of the community - both as employers and as clients. For this reason, MSU College of Technology … [Read more...]

NC Interior Design Students Win at Competition

A North Carolina community college won bragging rights at a 2012 interior design competition. The students at Cape Fear Community College prove that you don’t need to be in a master’s level program to do really great things in interior design. Students from the college excelled at their profession and took home first, second, and third places at a student interior design competition, as reported … [Read more...]

Interior Design Class to Design Eco-Friendly Library

Interior design schools around the world are packed with the youngest generation of designers and most of them are focusing on one important facet of their business: sustainable interior designs that are environmentally friendly and affordable. A public library in Michigan is getting to take advantage of this trend by recruiting area interior design students to help build a new library. Thanks to … [Read more...]

Interior Design Student Draws on Experience at Competition

As a group of interior design students recently learned, design involves heavy problem solving skills and a mind for creativity. Sometimes it involves drawing from their experiences. Designers put a little piece of themselves into each interior design project they complete, but in the end it is the client’s style that counts. Students at MSU-Great Falls were afforded the unique opportunity to … [Read more...]

Interior Design Students Show off Their Work

Interior design schools help prepare students for their future career in the real world of interior design, but many of the works students will use as a base for their portfolio are critiqued by other students and college professors. It is common for an interior design class to show off their best handiwork in a year end expose’, where items that they have worked on throughout their time at a … [Read more...]

Interior Design Class Explores Special Population Projects

Interior design classes focus on many aspects of the business – from basic color schemes to advanced architecture possibilities. But some classes insert special project work that blends standard course material with real-life scenarios in an effort to help students grasp the intricacies of their future profession. The interior design class in a recent story from Central Michigan Life, a college … [Read more...]

Interior Design Competitions Help Students, Win or Lose

It is normal for students in interior design schools around the world to compete against their classmates for bragging rights about the latest-greatest design to come out of the school, but some students take that competitive spirit to the next level. Annie Beuker is one such student who recently took her skills to competition and brought an award back to her school: HIGH POINT — Annie Beuker, … [Read more...]